A live/work/play/grow community of services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families located in Southwestern Ohio

Good Works Farm, Inc.A 501(c)(3) nonprofit

The self-advocacy council consists of 9 members, 5 of whom have a developmental disability, and 4 of whom are typically-developing.  They range in age from 9-19.  The purpose of the council is to be the voice of those we serve.  They are lead by a parent advocate and a parent provider, both of whom know what it's like to live and work with this population.  They facilitate the exploration of different living situations, careers, and recreational and volunteer opportunities available within the local community. The council advises Good Works Farm regarding services and programs, and represent Good Works Farm in the community. They seek out opportunities to give back by volunteering. They also build strong friendships with one another by socializing and participating in recreational opportunities together on a regular basis.

Jennifer Gerson (top) and Brittany Blair (left), Co-Coordinators