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Good Works Farm, Inc.A 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Our Summer Enrichment Day Camp is currently held for one week each June in Bellbrook, OH.  The property we are currently using is owned by Monica Janning and is a historical site.  Monica has been extremely generous in opening her entire 5-acre property up for us to use each year.  Our camp serves individuals, age 5 and older, with a developmental disability AND THEIR TYPICAL SIBLINGS.  For many, this is the first time they've been able to attend camp with their sibling.

In 2015, we served 24 campers, ages 5-20.  In 2016, we were able to increase our capacity to 30 campers, age 5-20.  And in 2017, we served 36 campers, age 5-23! 

Our ability to continue offering camp and to grow depends entirely on our volunteers.  Each camper who needs one gets a 1:1 buddy for the week.  We also depend on group leaders, station leaders and helpers, committee members, first-aid personnel, sponsors, and donations to make camp run smoothly.  If you would like to help with camp as a volunteer, contact our Camp Director, Nancy Bernotaitis at nbernotaitis@goodworksfarm.org and let her know you wish to help!  To donate or be a sponsor, contact Nancy! 



Volunteers, please note, our insurance company requires all volunteers to be properly screened and background checked before working with our clients.

By applying to volunteer with Good Works Farm, you agree to have your name run through the public records database to check for offenses.  A copy of your driver's license will be needed to verify your identity.  If additional scrutiny is required, we will ask you to visit a local webcheck location for an FBI/BCI background fingerprinting background check at volunteer's own expense.


Mandatory volunteer Training will be held Saturday, June 16 from 10AM-12PM, followed by camp set-up if you can stay and help.  Lunch will be provided.   If you are unable to attend this training, you will need to make arrangements with the volunteer coordinator to receive 1:1 training before working directly with campers.

Any questions?  Contact Nancy @ nbernotaitis@goodworksfarm.org or 937.825.7470

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Good Works Farm Summer Enrichment Day Camp

June 17-21, 2019 ~ 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

3427 Waynesville Rd., Bellbrook, OH



Nancy Bernotaitis - Camp Director

Gina Fisher - Camp Commander

Monica Janning - Property Mgmt

Angie Shockley/Scott Fisher - Logistics

Jim Weir - Arts/Crafts

Judi Brooks - Gardening

Garrett/Spencer Janning - Fishing

Seziezka Moore - Animals

Carolyn Krug/Amy Feagle - Volunteers

Christy Montavon - Games

Sue Combs - Photographer

Tess Rivero - Music

Bonnie Fisher - Camp Nurse


The Good Works Farm Summer Enrichment Day Camp is more than just a camp!  Our activities are selected specifically to provide educational, social, vocational, and therapeutic benefits to our campers.

Animal Therapy:  Our petting zoo animals, provided by Double Appletree Farms, give campers the opportunity to learn about a variety of animals!  They learn proper care, handling, and feeding of the animals they get to interact with. These vocational skills can be developed into a career for some of our campers! Their therapeutic benefits are limitless.

Music Therapy: Music Therapy provides our campers with:

  • increased attention
  • decreased agitation
  • improved behavior
  • improved socialization
  • improved verbal skills
  • improved cognitive function
  • improved auditory processing
  • improved sensory motor skills
  • and more!

Woodworking/Arts & Crafts:  This is more than just glue and glitter!  Campers learn to wear safety glasses and use hand tools in a supervised and safe manner.  In arts and crafts they get to express themselves in a creative way.  Both activities offer benefits such as vocational skills, socialization, improved self-esteem, independence, hand/eye coordination, and creativity. 

Gardening/Fishing:  Everyone should learn the most basic skill of survival, to feed thyself.  Not only is this a life skill but a vocational one, as well.  Gardening is therapeutic, connecting to the earth, and is a healthy way to boost the immune system.  Gardening also exposes campers to a variety of foods they might not regularly be exposed to, and shows them where there food comes from.  Learning how to fish teaches patience and persistence, and a survival and recreational skill they can carry throughout their lives.

Games/Family Night:  These activities increase socialization, cooperation, collaboration, and community.  Plus, they're just downright fun!