Day Habilitation

Good Works Farm Adult Day Habilitation is a community-based social/recreation program funded through Ohio Medicaid Waiver programs and private pay. Activities are individualized to meet each person's goals and outcomes and provide opportunities for growth and independence.

Program hours are M-F 9AM-3PM. A typical day begins with movement (Brain Gym, Yoga, stretching, a hike) followed by a program activity, lunch, and an afternoon in the community (bowling, YMCA, farm extension, volunteering). At this time, the farm and transportation vehicle are not wheelchair accessible.

Some of our program activities:

  • Creative Arts (painting, woodworking, scrapbooking, working with various mediums)

  • Horticulture (planting, composting, watering, weeding, harvesting)

  • Culinary Arts (baking, cookouts, menu planning and shopping, exploring new foods)

  • Animal Care (tending the chickens, goats, and rabbits)

  • Volunteering (collaborations with community partners offers opportunities to give back)

  • Money Management (budgeting and keeping track of funds)

  • Therapeutic Recreation (hiking, bowling, swimming, movies, fairs)