Adult Services

Good Works Farm, Inc. is certified to offer the following programs and services to individuals with disabilities funded through their County Department /Board of Developmental Disabilities, Grants, or Self-Pay:

The mission of Good Works Farm is to enthusiastically empower differently-abled individuals to reach their fullest potential in supportive and meaningful environments. 

I have found my people. -S

To ensure that we accept only those individuals that we can serve, we utilize a standard evaluation process:


1. The individual and his team complete an application which lists his/her desires and needs.

a. Good Works Farm, Inc, (GWF) evaluates the person’s needs and determines if we can serve him/her based on:

·   Space available in the current programs

·   Space available on current transportation routes

·   Potential fit for program processes and goals

·   Staffing available

·   Medical needs

·   Mobility needs

b. GWF notifies the individual of program acceptance, or puts them on a waiting list for services, or notifies them that GWF cannot meet his/her needs at this time, with the prohibitive reasons.

2. Upon acceptance,

a. An Enrollment Packet is completed, including mandatory Physician’s evaluation and signatures.

b. When this material is completed, the individual and his/her team attend an Enrollment Meeting, where the program and/or residence is planned, any transportation arranged and a start date set. An Assessment Meeting date is also set.

3. There is a 30-day Assessment Period, where both GWF and the individual determine if the program and individual are a good fit.

4. At the pre-scheduled Assessment Meeting, progress is reviewed and program acceptance is determined.