hi its Susanna,

I loved camp and i loved the attitude everyone had towards the campers. Having a sister that is special needs can sometimes give you weird looks but at camp everyone was so devoted to the campers it was amazing. Thank you for all the effort you put into the campers and thanks for allowing me to help.


*My boys both loved camp! We will do it again next year for sure! It was a great way to get them out of the house in nature and away from screens. P loved the fishing the most (shocker). I asked H what he liked best and he said "everything, I can't choose". I really think there are fun things to do for kids with all different interests and personalities. P is more active and isn't as into craft type activities. H likes both but he really enjoyed the wood working and games. Everyone who volunteered their time was very nice. I thought it was great to have young adults there to be more "friend like" with the campers. Even though P has anxiety around animals he still wanted to go every day so obviously everyone made him feel comfortable.

One of the things I loved about camp was the dye-free snow cones! Both my kids react to artificial colors so it's great that they could enjoy something that's really good and not have to worry about that. Good works farm camp is a wonderful experience and I'm so glad they went!


Dear Farm Camp!

I just want to thank you for a 2nd wonderful year of camp. It's hard these days to find something so good and wholesome. Such pure fun. Memories that these kids (& volunteers) will treasure all their lives. This is one thing that, as a mother, I treasure to have found for the kids. All 5 of them have had an amazing experience. Even the "teenager" has had smiles and stories every day about the kids he's met; which for a teen that is glued to his phone most of the day, has been an amazing thing to see.

We, as a family, would like to be involved in helping keep this camp going for a long time!

Please let us know if there is anything we can do over the year! God bless you all!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this together. A special thank you to Cory for bringing the animals here and being the kind of guy that travels with a donkey & even stops for ice cream for him.


I wanted you to know how much we appreciate this opportunity for *our son to participate in your Summer Camp. He has loved the fishing (he caught his first fish ever today!), woodworking (such cool stuff-- and the black squirrels here in Glendale are most thankful for today's feeder), animals (we LOVE the goats), games (he now knows what playing volleyball feels like), and the music (he showed us how he learned to move... definitely rocking it tonight). Your efforts at creating a place where he feels at home brings joy to us.

Thanks again,


I attended Good Works Farm camp as a buddy to a teen that I work with. On the first morning he was a bit uncertain, as he has never attended a camp before. The morning of day 2 he was ready to go! I loved that there were so many different opportunities for the kids and young adults to try new experiences. A sense of self is a big challenge for the boy I work with and so many others on the spectrum. With these opportunities that Good Works Farm provided, he discovered his love for woodworking and fishing. He asked me every morning what he would be doing in woodworking. The pride he felt when he caught his first fish was priceless. He has always had a passion for music, so that was the activity he said he liked the best. Thank you for providing a fun environment that encouraged everyone to try something new! He is already looking forward to camp in 2017! -BB

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you and everyone at Good Works Farms for a great week of camp. My son was one of the campers and he had a great time. This was his first year attending your camp and I’m so glad you had an opening when I contacted you.

Previously he went to Camp Kern and it wasn’t a good experience for him. With him being a high-functioning Autistic, the other kids in his group didn’t understand him and it ended up not being a very good experience for *him. He ended up coming home early and refused to ever go to camp again. He was very hesitant to come to Good Works Farm and told me he was only going to do it for me but not to sign him up anymore. When I spoke to *him on Monday after camp, he was so excited and told me how much he loved it and how much fun he had and he couldn’t wait to go back next year!!!

So I want to thank you, your staff and all the volunteers for making this summer camp a memorable one for *him. I’m sure I will be seeing you next year.

By the way, did the pig have her babies yet?

Thank you again for all you do for these children!!!! You and everyone that works/volunteers for you are a blessing. -JG

Thank you for giving our son a chance to experience your Camp Goodworks again this year. He particularly loved being able to touch and interact with the chicks, goats and other animals. The experience excites him to want to learn more and more about the natural world. He enjoys telling us stories about gardening and fishing and loves to show off the toolbox and the bird house he made. Although he attends five very different camps, Goodworks is his favorite. We hope you will continue this mission. –RB