Wish List

Can you help grant a wish?

Tractor (B250, L2501, L3301)

Utility vehicle for getting around farm

Irrigation for greenhouse (we have a quote)

Fencing for goat pastures (temporary stakes/4# wire)

Goat forage pasture blend seed (orchardgrass, clover, alfalfa)

16% layer feed for chickens

Chicken Scratch

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Rabbit Feed pellets

Small animal alfalfa hay

Pine small animal shavings

Gutters for chicken coop for rainwater collection/automatic waterers

Slatwood benches for seating in rabbitats

Gravel 411 Limestone

Lumber/hardware for picnic tables

Paper towels, Toilet Paper, Liquid hand soap refill, trash bags

Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer gel refill

Refrigerator for the barn to store water bottles and lunches (doesn't need to be pretty-needs to work)