More Information about Camp


LOCATION:  Good Works Farm, 1566 Roxanna New Burlington Rd., Waynesville, OH 45068


Once the groups are finalized, we will email you with your camper’s group color, group leader’s name, activities planned at the various stations, and any special information you need to know. 



Campers and families are welcome to come out to the farm on any Tour Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM.  The address is: 1566 Roxanna New Burlington Rd., Waynesville, OH 45068.  This is a standing tour time for anyone in the community interested in our services.  You are also welcome to come out during our volunteer training and set-up day, the Saturday before each camp, around 1:00 PM, to see the property, pick up shirts and cinch sacks, and talk to some of our volunteers.



All campers will receive two shirts and a cinch sack. They can be picked up the Saturday before each camp after 1:00 PM or on their first day of camp.  It is important that your camper wear their camp shirt (preferable) or another solid shirt of the same color to camp each day for organization and safety reasons. 



Campers will be in groups of 8 with a group leader, assistant group leader, and buddies as needed.  They will stay with their group as they move through the activities during the day.  Everyone breaks for lunch at the same time, giving everyone a chance to socialize.



Please plan to arrive between 8:45 AM – 9: 15 AM.

Anyone staying for all or part of the day should park in the long-term parking lot.  Please follow the signs or directions of attendants.  A shuttle (Polaris) is available to bring anyone up to the barn needing a ride.


Short-term parking is also available if you are just walking your camper to the check-in tent. Vehicles parked in short-term parking should be removed no later than 9:30 AM. 


 Follow signs and directions from attendants to exit the farm.  Please drive slowly and watch for pedestrians.


There is a drop off/pick up loop in the parking lot, marked with cones.  We encourage everyone to utilize the drop off option to save time and increase safety.  We have volunteers standing by who can assist them in getting checked in and settled in. 


Our DayHab and VocHab farmers who are already being transported on a weekly basis will continue to be transported.  Times may change and any changes will be communicated via usual communication lines.  PLEASE NOTE: Drop off will be an hour earlier than normal DayHab/VocHab programming.



All campers, volunteers, and visitors should immediately report to the Welcome tent upon arrival to be checked in and to receive a nametag.  Volunteers will assist campers with this process, then escort them to the barn to put away their things and connect with their group.  Art activities will be available in the barn for those who desire an activity while waiting. 



We take the safety and security of our camp very seriously.  Everyone must check in at the Welcome Tent upon arriving at camp.  Campers and Volunteers are asked to wear their camp shirt so we can quickly and easily identify them.  Name tags are required.  Guests and visitors are escorted around the property by a staff member.  We use 2-way radios to communicate with one another and a Polaris Ranger to quickly get around the camp property.  We use the buddy system to keep our campers and volunteers safe.



·   Everyone should pack a lunch and a snack each day, in a bag or lunchbox labeled with the camper’s name.  PLEASE NO NUTS.  There is limited refrigerator space.  Bottled water is always available and encouraged.  Water is located in the refrigerator in the barn and at each station throughout the camp. 

·   Sunglasses, ball cap (labeled with camper’s name)

·   Closed-toed shoes or boots!  No open-toed shoes or flip flops!!  The gravel and hiking trails are safer and easier to navigate with shoes or boots. 

·   Clothing appropriate for the weather.  Remember, it’s a messy farm and it’s going to get warm. 

·   Sunscreen, insect spray, epi-pens, emergency meds (in original prescription container), should be labeled with camper’s name and given directly to WELCOME TENT STAFF in a labeled plastic zipped bag at check-in.  Prescriptions and OTC medications also need medication forms completed.

·   A change of clothes is strongly encouraged, especially on Friday (water day!).

Campers each have their own cubby to store their things.  They are welcome to leave their garden boots in their cubby for the duration of camp, if desired.  Please label with camper’s name.



Please do not bring the following to camp:

·   Electronics

·   Cell phones

·   Toys

·   Pets

·   Anything of value

·   Anything that would be devastating if lost

·   Weapons or anything that could be used as a weapon

·   Drugs or medications not given to staff at the beginning of each day



Groups will begin gathering their things to leave around 1:45 PM and make their way to the Welcome tent area.  They will be checked out and escorted to your vehicle.  Please be patient as we work to ensure the safety of all participants.



There will be no parking, only loop pick up.  Please follow the signs and directions of attendants to depart safely.



Will be located at the Welcome tent.



We have a number of CPR/First Aid/AED certified staff who will be present during camp to address scrapes and bumps, heat-related issues, and any other minor issues that may occur.  For anything serious, we would, of course, contact parents and emergency services as needed.



Our wood shop is our designated cooling center and is kept air-conditioned during camp.  If a camper experiences a heat-related issue, they will be moved to the cooling center, first aid will be administered, and parents/guardians will be contacted.



We are addressing sensory needs this year with a mini trampoline, sandbox, hiking trails, the balance beam/stepping stumps, and the pushing or pulling of the wagon.  Many of our station activities also address sensory needs.  There are rocking camping chairs in the big barn for rocking. 



It is really too soon to tell what the weather will be during camp week. However, we always have a foul weather plan in place, just in case.  In the event of light or passing rain showers, we will gather in the barn and engage in games, animals, and art activities until the weather clears.  If it looks like it will be nonstop rain or dangerous weather, we reserve the right to cancel for the day and would notify everyone by email with at least an hour’s notice before the start of camp.  In the event of a Tornado Warning, we will seek shelter in the cellar of the house.  No one is to enter or exit the property during a tornado warning so that we can keep an accurate headcount.



You can always email Nancy with non-urgent questions or concerns,  For anything urgent, or to report an absence, call or text Nancy at 937.825.7470.