An inclusive community- and farm-based recreational and vocational program located in SW OH

Our Mission

The mission of Good Works Farm is to enthusiastically empower differently-abled individuals to reach their fullest potential in supportive and meaningful environments. 

Our community of neuro-typical and neuro-diverse individuals enjoy community-based experiences together, focused on helping one another achieve the goals they set for themselves.  We create a meaningful life for ourselves by fostering relationships, volunteering, caring for our animals, nurturing our plants, engaging in recreational opportunities, and exploring opportunities for growth through these shared experiences.  

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Strategically located near the small towns of Bellbrook and Waynesville, our meeting space is just 30 minutes or less from Beavercreek, Centerville, Lebanon, Springboro, Wilmington, and Xenia, OH.  Combining the best of small town connectedness with big opportunities for volunteering and working.

Our farm extension, just 6 minutes away, is located within the 842-acre Spring Valley State Wildlife Area, and just 10 minutes from Caesar's Creek State Park, providing many vocational, therapeutic, and recreational opportunities.

Planting seeds of opportunity; growing independence

Upcoming Events

October 21st - Punkin' Chuckin' Palooza!

Invite your friends to this community event on the farm!

Please volunteer and help our event be successful!