Teen Transition Programs

When a student prepares to depart from the education system and enter the adult world of services, that transition can be difficult for many reasons.  Good Works Farm wants to make this transition easier.  That's why we offer two programs specifically to address this need.  

Summer Transition 6-week program

Individualized Transition Program

We work with the client's team to individualize that person's transition into our program.  Most of our transition students have started by attending our adult program one day a week and school four days a week.  Then they will add another day with us and three days of school, and so forth until they graduate and transition over to us completely.  

Testimonials of Teen Transition Program

"Justin has bloomed again in ways that are just starting to appear and
surprise us. Our gut feeling is that this program tapped into hanging
with friends (which he has never done) and activities. He enjoyed
himself so much at the Air Force Museum last week, and all night
afterward it was over the top. We had never seen that behavior extend
so long. It was great, great, great.

Measurable stuff - he is self-advocating for all kinds of things, many
more words in casual conversation, daily asking what he is doing the
next day, even made a joke last night. This past Sunday at church he
started clapping his hands to the song on his on accord and even raised
his hand in worship several times (all new behavior).

We never expected all this. Thank you again.

May God bless you all with wisdom and patience as your serve those with
disabilities, in Jesus' name,

-Justin's parents

“My son worked on many skills during the program and enjoyed many of the varied experiences on the farm and in the community. 

He loves the animals, especially the rabbits, because they are calm and soft. He researched all about them on his computer when he came home. Experiences with the animals opened up new areas of interest for him, which is usually very difficult to do. 

He enjoyed having a place to go during the summer that was purposeful and structured and gave him a sense of accomplishment. Practicing skills needed to cooperate with others, following directions, experiencing farm chores, and being out in the community, are all essential to his goals on the path to possible employment. 

He was sad when the program ended. He made suggestions about how the program could continue for a longer time in the summer because he wanted to keep going!”


Naomi is loving the Teen Transition Program! On Thursday, with her WalMart money, she bought two household items (per my request) then chose an outfit for her American Girl Doll, with whom she hasn't played in many, many months. It was such a wonderful choice on her part. She has been lovingly dressing "Julie" in this new outfit and others she already has, often since their shopping trip. It was something that definitely would not have happened without TTP. It's fun to see what she bought on her own, without family influencing her (what happens with Christmas or birthday money from grandparents...) and how she is invested in using and appreciating it. 

-Naomi's Mother